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Quad Espresso Jewelry

Two Toned Enamel Huggies

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These are quickly becoming a new summer staple! A two toned hoop that stands out on anyone! One side is a light shade, while the other side is a beautiful darker shade. Coming in 3 colors; we have a color for everyones style! 

    Gold-filled is the closest alternative to solid gold. Gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of solid gold bonded onto the base layer, usually brass or sterling silver. Compared to gold plated which uses a process of electroplating that quickly dips your jewelry in gold, resulting in a miniscule layer of gold, gold-filled is much more durable and long lasting. Feel free to live your every day life in these pieces and feel confident in the quality!

    Enamel jewelry is normally made with fire, fusing a special glass powder onto the metal. This type of enamel jewelry is of higher quality than other “enamel” jewelry that was made with a cold resin. Enamel is fairly easy to clean and maintain. It's quite durable and isn't easily prone to damage. To keep enamel jewelry clean, just follow the same process that you would for other types of jewelry.