About Me

Simple, morning rituals like setting up my desk for the day, enjoying my cup of espresso with a book, or putting on my favorite perfume bring me this beautiful mix of peace and power to take on the day. I never feel more confident - and more myself.

I want Quad Espresso Jewelry to bring that to you and your life, too. Quad Espresso isn't just about jewelry. It’s about feeling strong, powerful, bold, beautiful; it’s about feeling confident and feeling like yourself every, single day of your life. It’s really so simple. I know because I live it.

HI!! My name is Jennifer Falcon here in Charlotte - originally from Long Island, NY. I like to say creativity found me. And I was an unlikely match for it. The middle kid in an Irish-Cuban family of seven living on Long Island, I grew up an athletic, tough tomboy-girl who loved to play sports. Then, after I started working professionally for a law firm, my sister invited me to a jewelry making class with her. It was a creative experience completely outside my comfort zone - and I loved it. So much so that I turned the new-found passion into a business, Quad Espresso Jewelry.

The more I explore my creativity, the more I learn about myself. I’ve learned that there’s no greater joy than seeing someone wear a piece of jewelry I made by hand; and there’s no stronger sense of personal and professional satisfaction than making other people happy with a product I developed.

Here’s how the name came to be: On a much-needed coffee break during my time work in a law office, I asked the barista to make me the strongest drink they could make. ‘That would be a quad espresso,’ he replied. ‘It’s four shots of espresso.’ One quad espresso, please. As much as that hot beverage that mid-afternoon was about the caffeine, it was really about the power I needed to push through the day. Sometimes we all need a fresh, hot jolt or a strong burst of energy - espresso - to make it through. And, hey, that’s okay.

Quad Espresso jewelry is designed to give you that lil’ extra shot. Because you really can do anything you set your mind to; you can push the envelope; you can take risks; you can explore; you can always go home; you can dream big, and you can relax knowing that you are you, and that’s enough. (It’s awesome actually.)