Our studio where we zap bracelets is located at 1026 Jay Street, Charlotte NC 28208. We only do bracelets on specific days of the month. Using the link below you can find that calendar and book your appointments there. FIRST - scroll down for all the information you need before doing so.


Cancellation Policy ~ In order to make an appointment, we require a deposit to hold your spot. Each appointment is about 20 minutes (may be longer). Your $25 deposit goes towards your bracelet purchase the day of your appointment! Please note if you cancel this reservation within 24 hours your deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel, please try and contact us via email, phone, or through instagram.

Chain Options ~ We offer 14k gold filled and 14k solid gold chain options. We have over 50 to choose from! You can find our chain choices on our instagram highlights @foreverbyquad

Forever Jewelry ~ We offer bracelets, anklets, and necklaces. These chains are custom fit and welded shut, hence the "forever" aspect. There is no clasp!

Rezaps~ As with all of our gold filled jewelry, your pieces can last a few years if you are gentle on your jewelry. Everyone is different with their jewelry, so if you know you're hard on your pieces, we highly suggest picking a durable chain choice. If your forever piece breaks or stretches and it's after 90 days of purchase, we can repair / fix the size for an $8 rezap fee. We do not cover lost pieces.

Removal ~ If you want or need to remove your piece, take any household scissors and cut the jump ring that was welded! You can bring it in to get it put back on, or we can add a clasp (again this will be an $8 rezap fee).

Materials ~ When you come in for your appointment, you’ll be walked through our 50 chain options. We have 14k gold filled and 14k solid gold.

- 14k gold filled will be a flat price no matter the length of your wrist. This material can last you a few years.. it’s the next best material after solid gold! This is a great option that’s budget friendly.

- 14k solid gold chains are sold per inch. This is your best option as far as quality goes, so if you want something that’ll last forever - this is your material! Keep in mind that we have a wide range of solid gold starting out at $18/inch to $60/inch. Average wrist size is 6.5”.

Location ~ 1026 Jay Street. We are located in the dining room of Not Just Coffee. PLEASE SHOW UP 5 MINUTES EARLY.



Say hello to the easiest, most effortless piece of jewelry! Our forever jewelry is custom dit to your wrist and welded closed making it classless and seamless.

Getting it with your best friends, significant other, mother, cousin, daughter, (honestly ANYONE) signifies that forever bond you share. Every time you look down at your bracelet you'll be reminded of that love. This makes the PERFECT gift! You get to have this experience with them and they walk away with something tangible.

We offer a selection of 14k gold filled & 14k solidgold to choose from.