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Quad Espresso Jewelry

June Bracelet

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This is a BEAUTIFUL unique show stopppingggg chain. It's a fancy chain with two different textured links. It's very unique and will be sure to add some sass to your bracelet stack,

      To determine bracelet size, follow the steps below.
      1. Measure the customer's wrist below the wrist bone (where you would normally wear your bracelet) using a bracelet gauge, a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper.
      2. If using a plain strip of paper, mark your strip with a pen where the end of the bracelet needs to be. Then measure the paper strip with a ruler. This is the wrist size.
      3. To find the bracelet size, increase the wrist measurement by the increment below, based on how the customer wants the bracelet to fit.
      For a snug fit, add 1/4" to 1/2"
      For a comfort fit, add 3/4" to 1".
      For a loose fit, add 1-1/4".

      Gold-filled is the closest alternative to solid gold. Gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of solid gold bonded onto the base layer, usually brass or sterling silver. Compared to gold plated which uses a process of electroplating that quickly dips your jewelry in gold, resulting in a miniscule layer of gold, gold-filled is much more durable and long lasting. Feel free to live your every day life in these pieces and feel confident in the quality!