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Seamless Hoops - Quad Espresso Jewelry

Seamless Hoops

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These are my EVERY DAY pair! They are so so easy to put in and take out, and they're so easy to keep in for days/weeks at a time. They don't have a clasp - they open and close like a jump ring. When you put it in, you'll move the two ends of the wire back together to close it (making sure it lines up) and once it's closed, it'll stay put since the wire is strong and sturdy. Please let me know if you need help with these! But trust me, such a good every day hoop to own when you don't feel like messing with your jewelry.

  • Handmade in Charlotte, NC
  • For this pair, I use a 19 gauge wire. It's thinner than the 18 gauge, but still sturdy enough to stay put.