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Rough Diamond Swings

Rough Diamond Swings

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ROUGH RAW DIAMONDS. Out of everything from this release, this is my favorite. We had tourmaline swings a while back which sold out super fast, so definitely jump on these if you're loving them. They are SUPER high quality, and super shiny. The diamonds are very tiny, but they shimmer plenty.

PLEASE BE GENTLE WITH THESE! They're very delicate. Do not wear these to bed. And store them safely somewhere, do not throw them around.

Details: The longest strand on these are about 1.75" in length.

14k Gold Filled metal is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold and can be worn by people with sensitive skin. Gold filled metal is made with solid gold pressure bonded to the wire and is over 100 times thicker than plated gold. Durable & tarnish resistant, these rings are suitable for daily wear. It will not tarnish, or rub off on your skin. Feel free to get it wet, and wear to sleep!