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Coin Necklace

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Do you ever put on a piece of jewelry and move more confidently, feel differently? That's what this necklace does, especially layered with a choker. This is my every day look. The coin itself is 1" long, and .85" wide. It looks best on a 20" chain, but feel free to choose your length! To find your perfect length, take a string, shoelace, anything really, and wrap it around your length to your desired placement. 

14k Gold Filled metal is a beautiful, affordable alternative to solid gold and can be worn by people with sensitive skin. Gold filled metal is made with solid gold pressure bonded to the wire and is over 100 times thicker than plated gold. Durable & tarnish resistant, these rings are suitable for daily wear. You can feel confident knowing that this piece of jewelry is very high quality and long lasting. Take care of your piece and it'll last you for years to come!