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Quad Espresso Jewelry

Broom Necklace

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Halloween lovers - this is your necklace! With broomstick ORRRR Harry's broomstick. Your choice. Either one will be a conversation starter. It's a delicate and dainty oval necklace handstamped with a broomstick design. Each will be different and not look exactly like this picture.


  • Oval Disc ~ ..5"
  • Hand Stamped - each one will look different
  • 14k gold filled - sleep, shower, workout, LIVE in them!

Gold-filled is the closest alternative to solid gold. Gold filled jewelry has a thick layer of solid gold bonded onto the base layer, usually brass or sterling silver. Compared to gold plated which uses a process of electroplating that quickly dips your jewelry in gold, resulting in a miniscule layer of gold, gold-filled is much more durable and long lasting. Feel free to live your every day life in these pieces and feel confident in the quality!